The manual Hard Drive Destroyers(HDD) destroyer in Japan has 3000 results for field service for Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba,  NEC,IBM etc.

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Manual HDD/SSD Destroyer


Modle No.HDB-30V-E

•Manual HDD/SSD Destroyer

•Crush Box Hard disc drive and media physical destroyer

•No.1 best selling destroyer in Japan and Asia Pacific  !

•Compact portable manual HDD/SSD model with 3 tons hydraulic power with 2 shafts.

•Operation System:2 holes through the latters of Hard drive&SSD + V shape.



The CrushBox HDB-30V-E is a hard drive destroyer/crusher, capable of physically destroying various media, including hard drives, CDs/DVDs, cell phones, and floppy disks, ensuring that the data on the media is completely unreadable. Our fast & reliable solutions are ideal for environment-friendly and low-cost media disposal, parts recycling and data loss prevention.

HDB-30V-E is manual hard drive destroyer


The safest and surest way to sanitize a hard drive is to physically destroy it. This is an attractive option if the drive is to be discarded anyway and not reused. One common method is shred or drill four holes through the entire drive. Another approach is to pry the platters apart to the extent that each platter is sufficiently warped or distorted to make it inoperable. It can also be taken to a professional for destruction. Some consumer electronics stores will do this as a courtesy for individual customers worried about what will happen to their old hard drive.    



New Crush Box HDB-30V-E is the world-first manual hard disk drive physical destruction machine that can bend and mangle the hard drives and its internal components including the platters by two destruction shafts.

Complies with DoD, NSA & NIST standard


Compact portable manual model


Operation is just up and down the handle by hand for about 15 times
It is good for small volume destructions in the offices and on-site destruction services
Target media: 3.5(thickness 1 inch) /2.5 inch HDD, SSD,mobile phone, CD,DVD,BD, Floppy disc disket, ZIP,MO
※Crush Box cannot be operated when the door is open. 



1. Manual operation 


 HDB-30V-E is manual destroyer


 It is very convenient for small volume destruction in the office and on-site destruction service. 


 the office and on-site destruction service


 2. Bending and mangling


 HDB-30V-E is the world-first manual destruction machine that can bend and punch hard disk drives and its internal components including data platters making two holes with 2 tons hydraulic power. 


 3. Portable


 HDB-30V-E is portable machine that you can carry to anywhere with soft carry bag .


 4. No power required


 HDB-30V-E does not need electricity.


 It is very helpful for the on-site service at the customer.



Market: Office, hospital, school, army, government


 V Bend drives Punch drives Destroy completely ■Comparison with


 HDB-30V-E is designed to conform the NSA guideline


 HDB-30V-E has two destruction shafts that can make two holes.


 3 tons pressure can destroy drives completely


 Soft carry bag Adapter for 2.5 inch Screw driver Dust brush



 manufactured by


Nittoh Zohki Co., Ltd.


 585 Takashi, Mobara-shi, Chiba, 297-0029, JAPAN


 TEL: 81-475-26-5361 

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